Monday, October 15, 2012

An Expensive Halloween Finish

Over the weekend I finished Knock Knock by Prairie Schooler. I stitched it on PTP Willow Cashel, and I changed out the called-for "orange" DMC  to 721, an actual brighter orange. In addition, I used Mill Hill beads (2033) on the sides instead of cross-stitches. In the pic, the beads are not sparkling as much as they do in person.

So, why was this so expensive? One word...Mandy.

Friday night before dinner, I was stitching along, and then threaded my needle and presumably set the needle and thread on the arm rest of my couch. After dinner, I go to use my threaded needle, and it is not there. Ok, so I lost it, generally not that big of a deal. Skip to Sunday night, I take Mandy out, and she is having trouble going to the bathroom. Hubby takes her out later in the evening, and the same thing happened, except this time, he noticed a brown thread hanging out of her butt. And then it hit me. Maybe she found my missing needle and thread :(

This morning we take her to the vet, and the vet does an x-ray. Sure enough, my needle is right there in her colon. The vet then puts Mandy under, and we get a call about two hours later. They got the needle out. Yay! I am so glad she did not have to go in for surgery. The vet was impressed that the needle got as far as it did without causing issues. We will be picking Mandy up later today, and we will get the final vet bill. I should probably stop buying stash for a bit to help pay for our monster-dog.

Lesson learned: Obviously I need to be more careful with my needles in the future!!

Have a great week :)


Lesleyanne said...

I am so sorry to hear about Mandy and the needle - glad she is okay. A lovely finish nevertheless.

Joysze said...

Oh dear!!! Poor Mandy and poor you and hubby!! How worrying that must've been.

I'm glad she's fine and the needle came out ok.

Knock Knock looks great. :)

cucki said...

Oh dear poor Mandy thinking of you all so much..
I am happy that she is fine now..
Lovely finish..
Big hugs xxx

Melinda said...

Thinking about Mandy, sending wishes for a Speedy Recovery, LOVE your Knock Knock - and the Orange Choice looks awesome.

Karen said...

Poor Mandy. Glad she's okay. I've had cats eat some floss, but no needle attached. I've been lucky so far.

Mii Stitch said...

Poor Mandy!! Glad she's better but you might want to give her a few treat... Not needle shaped ☺ Nice cross stitch too!!

Chris said...

lovely finish, bad Mandy!
So glad to hear that she is ok.

Annie said...

I bet that was pretty scary! So glad to hear Mandy is okay:)

♥ Nia said...

autch!! =/ poor Mandy.. glad to know she's ok!!

Isadarena said...

Oh !! poor Mandy must have been afraid !!! fortunately everything is now okay and your Mandy feels better :))

Many congrats on your finish :)

Valentina said...

Poor Mandy, she was lucky the needle didn't her too much! As for the halloween finish, it's really cute and spooky!!