Friday, August 12, 2016

August Update

I have a lot of finishes to show!

First up: Red by Mirabilia. She is on pearl gray belfast. I love the way she turned out, and I will be taking her to my framer this week.

Next up: Sweet Pea by Nora Corbett. She is on PTP Meditation cashel. This will be a present for my oldest niece.

I have several small finishes and some projects that I finished into ornaments and pillows. My first one is Little Lady Liberty by Little House Needleworks.

I also finished Christmas in the Country by Little House Needleworks.  I changed some of the colors to what I had in my stash.

Lastly, I have two Halloween Finishes. I finished a pattern in Boo Moon by Prairie Schooler into an ornament.

I also finished a pattern in Heads Up by Prairie Schooler into a pillow. I stitched this one on PTP Eek cashel.

I am currently working on Freesia Crystals by Chatelaine. My plan is to post a progress picture sometime next month ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


Sara said...

Congratulations on all the finishes. Red is just stunning :) great job :D

Mii Stitch said...

What a delightful array of finishes! Red simply look stunning.

Heather said...

Beautiful finishes! Red turned out stunning!

Tiffstitch said...

Fantastic finishes! Red is so gorgeous.

Terri said...

Beautiful stitching! I especially love Red! She's gorgeous! Congrats on all the finishes!

Melinda Forbes said...

What an amazing Stitching Month Your finishes are so pretty. I do think I like Uh-Oh the best. Red is so very pretty.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Congratulations for your gorgeous stitches.

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow you have some beautiful and amazing finishes. Congratulations on all of them. I love your bead work on Red, it's so neat and precise. Beautiful job.
xo Alicia

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Red looks stunning, I have her in my stash and this really makes me want to start her!

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